Medicare Cuts Coming In 2020 – Seniors Urged To Review Plans

Virginia – Seniors Will See $756 Billion Cut From Medicare Spending¹ – this has been the proposed budget plan by the current administrator, a 7% reduction to Medicare spending over the next 10 years. Seniors are already spending over $5000 per year on costly co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance and prescriptions – and now they plan to cut the program further? 

Thankfully, there are still millions of Medicare Beneficiaries that don’t realize they can cover up to 100% of their healthcare costs by enrolling in a good Medicare Supplement Plan. If you live in a qualified zip code in Virginia, you are likely eligible.

There was a time when searching for these plans was difficult, you would have to call dozens of insurance companies directly just to compare options, it would take hours to find the right plan in your zipcode. However, Qualify Medicare a popular new online service is surprising the industry by providing seniors a quick way to compare ALL Medicare Supplement Plans by zipcode.

Finally, Seniors have a trusted and free service they can visit to compare and enroll in their perfect plan, without pressure to buy from the insurance companies. It’s no wonder their website site is gaining so much popularity across the United States.

Many don’t realize they can eliminite costly co-pays and deductibles by enrolling in a good Medicare Supplement Policy. With Qualify Medicare Seniors can compare plans online, quickly and for free. Compare Medicare Policies »  

There is 1 Rule You Should Follow When Selecting a Plan…

Experts say to get the best coverage for the lowest price, you should compare as many plans as possible. Without comparing your options, you will likely overpay for a plan that doesn’t provide full coverage, or for extra perks that you don’t need. There are dozens of insurance companies out there with many plan options, which can be confusing, but comparing options could save you thousands every year. Qualify Medicare make comparing all the plans extremely simple. They have a free online tool that let’s you check over 20+ carriers online, meaning you can compare options in your zip and choose a plan that suits you. 

It’s incredible that these Medicare Supplement plans exist, yet so many American seniors aren’t aware of them and continue to spend thousands per year on co-pays and deductibles. There are no tricks to saving money on Medical expenses, you just have to enroll in a good plan that offers the right coverage. But make sure you compare plans first using Qualify Medicare’s free online service.

Even if you already have a Medicare Supplement Plan, Qualify Medicare can check you are paying the lowest rate for your plan, so using their free service is a no-brainer. Their goal is to give seniors access to unbiased and transparent information on Supplemental Medicare Plan and more and more Americans are saving money thanks to their genius product.

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